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December 08, 2022

Period-specific documents

With our continued focus on improving document handling in Silverfin we'd like to introduce you to our newest feature: Period-specific documents.

We wanted to make it more transparent where a document has been attached and to which period.

After all, attaching the correct document is an important task, and attaching the correct document to multiple working papers is even more vital.

So, with this change, there will be two sections on the document page:

  1. Permanent documents: this is where documents can be uploaded and will not be associated with a particular period.
  2. Period-specific documents: this is where documents will exist within a given period. The period-specific section will also show where the document is attached, and you'll be able to replace the document across all the templates it's currently attached to, with just a single click.  Pretty neat huh?

And one more thing. When uploading a document within a working paper, it'll now be possible to attach documents from these two sections as part of the a new upload flow. This will increase efficiency by allowing you to see where a document has already been attached.

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